"Who needs friends! They just laugh and talk like idiots, and pretend to agree with you... So you end up caring about them... exposing yourself... getting HURT... Screw it! We're better off without them! You want people getting in your way? Dragging you down? I don't. And I never said we were friends. You did!"

— Neku Ichigo Kawaiya
Neku Ichigo Kaiwaiya
Title Once
Aliases Neku
Character Information
Kind Human
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthdate October 15, X999
Eyes Blue
Hair Orange
Partner Teekye (Former)
Joshua (Former)
Beat (Former)
Personal Information
Membling Status Active
Life "Alive"
Magic Psych Magic
Trust Magic
Equipment "Headphone"
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Neku is a rather lanky teenager. He has distinctive spiky orange hair and blue eyes. Neku wears a pair of purple colored headphones, with the tube-shaped white audio player hung around his neck. Neku wears a sleeveless, purple-gray shirt with a high collar that has a purple stripe going down the middle, with the stripe outlined in yellow. He wears white shorts, held up by a loose-fitting black belt. The shorts have two large pockets with purple stripes on top, the stripes also outlining a pair of yellow buttons on each pocket. His shoes match the design of his shirt, purple-gray with a purple stripe outlined by yellow. The shoes have four yellow buttons with white straps that replace shoelaces. Neku sports a yellow sweatband on his left wrist.


Neku is antisocial. Claiming that he "doesn't get people," Neku usually dislikes interacting with others, feeling that friends only drag him down. Neku sees society as an annoyance that forces its values on him, pesters him, and expects him to do things he doesn't want.

Despite his negativity, Neku is a clever, imaginative and insightful individual. His quick thinking and flexibility aid him tremendously in adapting to the numerous and uncanny challenges presented by the Reapers' Game and his imagination awards him a frightening aptitude for psychs. Additionally, his insights allow him to encourage his partners to be at their best on multiple occasions (albeit using fairly rough vocabulary).

Though he initially alienates his later-to-be friends, Neku slowly softens as the Reapers' Game forces him to listen to everybody around him. He becomes more open and trusting as he gets to know Teekye, Joshua, Beat, Armye, and Mr. Jayson, among others. By the end of his time in the Underground, Neku begins to develop compassion for and the ability to empathize with others better.


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Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Psych Magic: Neku has the ability to release the power of bracelets's core that he summon of to fight.

  • '
    • Neku using Psy Psych
    • Neku Before Charge Beam
    • Neku's first bracelet core.
    Psy Psych
    : Neku releases few psychs in his hand to control any object/person on sight, either crusing them or moving it in directions.
  • Charge Beam: Neku charges up to gain concentrated psychs, and releases a beam of psychic and strikes the foe.
  • Psych Core Bracelets: Neku unknowingly have pin-like core for inserting in the bracelet, it gives him power to summon that can vary depending what core it is.


Neku phones

Neku with his equipment, Phones.

Phones: A headphone that Neku always uses with him. He did not know it at first, but when he tried to concentrate, Phones has the ability to read people's mind. Neku's phones can also boosts the power of Psychs as it helps him though psychics.

The Phones also like a normal headphone; where music can be heard. He often use the phones as a cover when he doesn't want to conversate to people.