Straw Hat Scarlet
Aliases Red
Character Information
Kind Human
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthdate July 27, X997
Hair Black
Personal Information
Life "Alive"
Magic Room Magic
Cura Magic
Equipment "Hat"
Straw hat skarlet/Image Gallery


Straw Hat Skarlet has black hair with blue ribbon on the side, and wears straw hat with large blue ribbon and violet-colored flower at the top. She has gem-inlaid eyes on her left eye, and seems to have a patch on the right, probably having her right eye injured. Straw wears pink lace gown, with two blue ribbons on her right arm and under her chest, distictively her dress has a large opening on her chest, making her breast seen. In order for the chest to balance, some strappings was covered.


Straw Hat Scarlet has a happy and cherful personality. She is always willing to lend a hand on others, despite that she is a succesful doctor for those who are in need, and tries to cheer people who is depressed and down. Aside from his positive personality, she doesn't like people who often tease her and her friends in any way. Because of this, she is not really a good fighter. though has strong support magic.


Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Room Magic: Room Magic manipulates using the Space of the certain room, thus, making bubbles that covers the area of Scarlet desires to, and when any object and person is in the bubble, she can control it, though with the exception if the object/person can change appearance/body.

Cura Magic: Straw Hat Scarlet being able to master doctor arts, she happens to have a strong support magic; Cura Magic that can perform any surgery, and heals any person that can save anyone.