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Main Story So Far

Once, there was three people who cease to only known to exist in the world. Kaminanah, the Very God, Jikanoras, the Time Keeper and Minnemori, the Memory we remember. These three shares and correlates each other as they live together as one, until the tension started. The three who tolerates unity and peace was faded and changed by selfishness and arrogance. By the time has passed, the world was in ruins, as the total destruction will soon arise, as Lithos, the destroyer, end up the lives of the three, as well as the world was cracked unto three; closing life as history.

Not too long, Althos, the creator, who created the three revived them once more, and separated the three unto the three different worlds, creating life again. After Lithos have seen the revision of the world, Lithos faced Althos on a never ending battle. To stop the clash, the trio created two different dimensions; one to have the normality it can give within, and other to give out impossible to possible. This created the balance of creating and destroying, thus, the Duo ends their fight and never to be seen again. The trio, made the last creation of all; the Human Race, exchanging their immortality for it, and unknowingly dies.

The Human Race populated the One and Other Dimension, bringing magic forth and forth. No one ever wonders what lies outside each of the three worlds, nor there are three worlds at all.

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